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Insert Google AdSense ads in WordPress

How Can You Insert Google AdSense Advertisement in WordPress?

The popularity of Google AdSense keeps growing. It is probably the most efficient and quickest way to fill your website with advertisement banners — and begin monetizing your site. However, many owners of the sites based on WordPress do not take advantage of Google AdSense. The reason is usually the necessity of inserting the Google-generated code into the site code. Here’s how AdFoxly can help in simplifying the process of inserting Google AdSense advertisement in WordPress.

Inserting Google AdSense Advertisement in WordPress

AdFoxly is a plugin designed to manage advertisement in WordPress. It allows its users to insert various forms of advertisement, with Google AdSense being one of those forms. 

If you want to insert Google AdSense advertisement in WordPress, you must first create the ad in the panel of the service itself. Make sure it is not an automatic advert!

Google AdSense generates the code, that you may then insert into your WordPress site, using AdFoxly. In order to do that, you must add a new advertisement, by selecting ‘New’ from AdFoxly menu. In section What you change the type of advertisement to ‘Google AdSense’ and paste the code copied from Google AdSense generator.

Then, in section Where, you select the position of the new advert. You may use one of the predefined placements, such as: Before Post, After Post, Inside the Post, Pop Up or Sticky or generate a new type of placement using Shortcode or Widgets.

Once the placement is chosen, in section When you need to select whether your new advert is supposed to be added to an existing campaign, whether you want to create a new campaign, or you want this advert to function outside of any campaign.

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Let's start with the simple way to manage an ads on WordPress.