What Are the Pricing Models in Online Advertising?

Internet advertising campaigns may be priced in a few different ways. Depending on the purpose of the advertising strategy and the way the objective is to be achieved, advertisers have the option to choose what exactly they purchase. In this article, we will discuss the most common pricing models used in the online performance advertising market


How Do You Insert Ads into a WordPress Sidebar?

The sidebar is one of the most popular ad placements on a website. Advertisements on your site, when put in a sidebar, will appear among the latest news, additional info, or recommended texts and products. The ads you choose to place in the sidebar may be — just like any other ads — provided directly by your advertiser, or they may come from an intermediary partner, for example, Google AdSense. 


How Can You Insert Google AdSense Advertisement in WordPress?

The popularity of Google AdSense keeps growing. It is probably the most efficient and quickest way to fill your website with advertisement banners — and begin monetizing your site. However, many owners of the sites based on WordPress do not take advantage of Google AdSense. The reason is usually the necessity of inserting the Google-generated code into the site code. Here’s how AdFoxly can help in simplifying the process of inserting Google AdSense advertisement in WordPress.


How Can You Insert Advertising into WordPress Articles?

Advertising placement inside web articles is very popular. However, it happens to cause problems to users whose websites are based on WordPress content management system. Advertisement plugin AdFoxly gives you many attractive possibilities, while it focuses on reducing the necessity to implement all the complicated process.


How Can You Insert Advertising into a WordPress Website?

36% of all websites existing these days use WordPress. Many owners of the services built on WordPress want to monetize their traffic and what better way to do it, than with advertisement? You can manage your ad space through various means: by directly selling your ad space to advertisers, using plugins such as Google AdSense, or via cooperation with a partnership program. AdFoxly serves as an easy way to insert and manage ads on your site.


AdSense Ad displays in wrong place?

Check how generate AdSense code properly. First you need to remember to DO NOT choose a “Auto Ads”, but create a own Ad Unit. Look at the image below.

AdSense – how to earn money?

You need to sign up for an AdSense account. Once you configure it, you can paste your code to a new ad in AdFoxly.

Places – do I need to configure them?

No. You can use places without configuring them. While configuring a new ad, simply choose a place or places in which you want your ads to be displayed.

Place – what is it?

Place lets you configure ads behavior for different places of your ads (such as Before or After Post). You set places to rotate ads: on a page refresh or after some time without refreshing a page (e.g. 10 seconds).

Campaign – do I need to use it?

No. It’s just a way to group a few banners into some project. You can use campaigns while working with your advertisement partners.

Campaign – what is it?

The Campaign is a set of options to group your ads. The Campaign lets you configure max ad views or clicks, also start and end dates. PRO version enables you to limit the Campaign to defined countries or set specific weekdays and time of the day. Also, you can set max views for one user per ad.

Let's start with the simple way to manage an ads on WordPress.