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Insert ads into WordPress articles

How Can You Insert Advertising into WordPress Articles?

Advertising placement inside web articles is very popular. However, it happens to cause problems to users whose websites are based on WordPress content management system. Advertisement plugin AdFoxly gives you many attractive possibilities, while it focuses on reducing the necessity to implement all the complicated process.

Inserting Advertisement into WordPress Articles

The goal of AdFoxly is to largely simplify the process of inserting ads into WordPress. Inserting ads into WordPress articles with AdFoxly plugin can be as easy as a couple clicks in an ad creator.

If you want to insert an ad into your article in WordPress, you have to go to AdFoxly menu and select ‘New‘. Advertisement Creator is divided into self-explanatory sections What, Where and When.


First, in section What, you should select the type of the advertisement from the available options: banner ads, Google AdSense, or advertisement HTML/JS code. Once you have selected the type of the advertisement, for example ‘Image’, you should upload the graphic file and determine the destination site address. Then select whether the link should open in the new browser window or in the same one, and decide on the properties of ‘follow’ attribute — whether it should “transfer power” to the destination site (dofollow) or not (nofollow).


In section Where you determine the placement of your advertisement as ‘Inside the post’ and further on, you may choose whether it should appear ‘In the middle of post’, or ‘After [ selected number of ] paragraphs’.


Finally, in section When, you need to select whether the banner you are adding is a part of an existing campaign, or it is not supposed to be included in any campaign.

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Let's start with the simple way to manage an ads on WordPress.