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Easy, Easier, Easiest... AdFoxly!

First Ads Manager created to be easy, useful and beautiful by people who work daily with Ads and on WordPress. You don't need a whole IT Team to manage ads. Save more than $732 per year and use AdFoxly

Meet AdFoxly

AdFoxly is a WordPress plugin for managing ads and ad spaces in WordPress. It could work with ads networks like Google AdSense or for custom advertisers and publishers.

Easy, Easier, Easiest... AdFoxly!

Wizard that will make your life easier and save time

Ads Types Format

Choose type of ad. Image, Video, Google AdSense, Amazon Ads or maybe you have custom JavaScript/HTML code from your customer? No problem. All of this is supported.

Magic fill

Auto fill the fields

You need fill only this fields, which you need to fill. Banner title? No worries. AdFoxly will try fetch all data from the image. Just put the image.


Ads Placements

Choose one of several places which is selected to you and forget about any change in the code. Just What You Click is What You Want. No more digging in the code.


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Let's start with the simple way to manage an ads on WordPress.

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