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Ads into a WordPress Website

How Can You Insert Advertising into a WordPress Website?

37% of all websites existing these days use WordPress. Many owners of the services built on WordPress want to monetize their traffic and what better way to do it, than with advertisement? You can manage your ad space through various means: by directly selling your ad space to advertisers, using plugins such as Google AdSense, or via cooperation with a partnership program. AdFoxly serves as an easy way to insert and manage ads on your site.

AdFoxly helps in creating ads, advertisement campaigns, as well as provides ways to add Google AdSense code to the websites built on WordPress. The goal of our plugin is for the user to be able to easily insert advertising into any chosen position on the website. It doesn’t require knowledge of coding or settings management. 

Installing Advertisement Plugin in WordPress

Inserting ads into WordPress websites with AdFoxly is simple and intuitive. You start with installing the AdFoxly plugin in your WordPress environment. There are two methods of installing the plugin: you may either do it using a ZIP file downloaded from, or initiate the process directly from the WordPress repository.

Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, you upload it via following steps: (1) select ‘Plugins’ from the side menu, (2) select ‘Add New’, then (3) select option in the top side of the site — ‘Upload Plugin’. Finally (4) indicate the source of the plugin and (5) click ‘Install Now’.

If you want to install AdFoxly directly from the repository, you need to follow steps 1-2, then enter the name of the plugin into the search engine. Once found, you simply need to click ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’.

Inserting Ads in WordPress

AdFoxly plugin allows you to insert advertisement even if you’re not familiar with coding. You simply need to select ‘AdFoxly’ from the left-side menu in WordPress, and then select ‘New’. Once that is done, a simple and intuitive WordPress advertisement creator will show. The creator is divided into four sections.

Section What

The first section, named ‘What’ allows you to choose the type of the advertisement. You may insert ads as a banner / image, as a Google AdSense code, or as HTML or JS code. Once you select the ‘image’ option, all you need to do is choose a graphic file. The plugin will automatically ascribe the name of the advert, based on the uploaded file. Then you need to specify the link for the target site, whether it is to open in the same or in the new window of the browser, and state the ‘dofollow’ / ‘nofollow’ attribute.

Section Where

In the ‘Where’ section you specify the placement of the advert on your website. AdFoxly allows for the use of predefined placements, that do not require any configuration or coding. Among the readily available are: ‘before post’, ‘after post’, ‘inside the post’, ‘popup’ and ‘sticky’. Additionally, you may generate adverts in the form of widgets or placements added via shortcode. The plugin will automatically ascribe the name of the placement, but it may later be edited by the user.

Section When

Finally, you need to specify whether your advert is a part of a campaign or not, and conclude inserting the advertisement into your WordPress site by confirming your selections.

Inserted adverts will automatically appear in your chosen positions.

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Let's start with the simple way to manage an ads on WordPress.