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Upgraded Advertising Campaigns in WordPress

Internet advertising campaigns are not determined only by promotional activities developed by marketing departments. Technical issues also affect the publisher’s advertising capabilities. Both sides of any advertising venture go into it with utmost care about the best possible effects. Agencies and marketing departments create interesting designs. The publishers, on the other hand, provide ways to display and manage ads and campaigns, that make the whole process easy and automated. The website owner is responsible for all technical issues, including, but not limited to issuing the ad on the right date and ending its emission at the agreed-upon time. The creators of websites have the opportunity to upgrade their advertising campaigns thanks to new functionalities that increase the attractiveness of their offers and make them more competitive.

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Rotating Ads in WordPress

The use of advertising space on a blog or on a website does not have to be limited to displaying a single advertisement. It’s perfectly natural that publishers sell the same advertising space to multiple clients. Many advertising networks, for example, AdSense offered by Google, exert this method. But how do you make it work when you’re a direct seller of ad placements? How do you make ads change? How do you get this functionality and include it in your offer? The option of rotating ads comes to the rescue.

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Using a Shortcode to Insert Advertisement

WordPress, as a CMS, gives its users many opportunities to expand the capabilities of the system by using plugins and themes. With them, you may tailor your blog or website based on WordPress, to your needs, as well as to the expectations of your readers and advertisers. You may improve options of plugins and themes by generating a shortcode, and use it to make your blog or website look better, or function more efficiently. A shortcode can also be used as an extension of your website’s advertising features.

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How to Add the Ads.txt File to WordPress?

The most common way of monetizing your blog or your website is selling advertising space. You may do this in two ways. The first way is a direct sale of advertising space by the site’s publisher to advertisers, based on suitable contracts. The second one is through submitting your blog or website to one of the advertising networks (such as Google AdSense, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, PubMatic, Index Exchange, Openx, or Media.net). This method means you place your supplier’s code in appropriate places on your website, and then those places are used to sell ads under the offered service. Utilizing the intermediary programs to sell advertising space may, however, be exposed to various types of fraud, such as reselling the advertising space (arbitration) or website or domain spoofing. In order to deal with this problem and at the same time ensure the transparency of publishers and service providers, IAB Tech Lab has developed the concept of ads.txt file.

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How Do You Insert Advertisement PopUp into WordPress?

Popup is one of the most effective forms of advertising on websites. It appears to the user after loading the website, catches the eye, and requires the user to take action. Advertising in the form of popup is very beneficial, as confirmed by the results of research carried out by Sumo. They indicate that the popup can achieve an average conversion rate of 3.09%, while 10% of the ads with the most impressions participating in the study generated a conversion of 9.28%.

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Creating and Managing Advertisement Campaign in WordPress

According to Report “Digital 2020”, co-ran by WeAreSocial service and Hootsuite, indicates that 59% of the world population uses the internet. It means that internet advertisement reaches 4,54 bln people. If you take into account that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, utilized in creating information services, online shops, contact pages, or blogs – it begs a question about creating and managing advert campaigns in WordPress.

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How Do You Insert Ads into a WordPress Sidebar?

The sidebar is one of the most popular ad placements on a website. Advertisements on your site, when put in a sidebar, will appear among the latest news, additional info, or recommended texts and products. The ads you choose to place in the sidebar may be — just like any other ads — provided directly by your advertiser, or they may come from an intermediary partner, for example, Google AdSense

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How Can You Insert Google AdSense Advertisement in WordPress?

The popularity of Google AdSense keeps growing. It is probably the most efficient and quickest way to fill your website with advertisement banners — and begin monetizing your site. However, many owners of the sites based on WordPress do not take advantage of Google AdSense. The reason is usually the necessity of inserting the Google-generated code into the site code. Here’s how AdFoxly can help in simplifying the process of inserting Google AdSense advertisement in WordPress.

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How Can You Insert Advertising into WordPress Articles?

Advertising placement inside web articles is very popular. However, it happens to cause problems to users whose websites are based on WordPress content management system. Advertisement plugin AdFoxly gives you many attractive possibilities, while it focuses on reducing the necessity to implement all the complicated process.

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How Can You Insert Advertising into a WordPress Website?

37% of all websites existing these days use WordPress. Many owners of the services built on WordPress want to monetize their traffic and what better way to do it, than with advertisement? You can manage your ad space through various means: by directly selling your ad space to advertisers, using plugins such as Google AdSense, or via cooperation with a partnership program. AdFoxly serves as an easy way to insert and manage ads on your site.

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