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How Do You Expand Cooperation with Brands Outside of Instagram?

Cooperation with brands is one of the ways to earn money on Instagram. Brands are eager to work with influencers who promote products or services on their profiles. However, the advertising options of the influencer on Instagram are limited to four types: photos, video, using one of them as a part of InstaStories or live broadcasts. The scope of offers that benefit the brand can be expanded by publishing on the influencer’s blog or website, in the form of sponsored articles or graphic ads.

Cooperation with Brands on Instagram

The popularity of influencer marketing is growing day by day. Marketing departments notice the creativity of influencers on Instagram, such as ingenious and good-quality photographs and video, descriptions that engage the viewers, as well as the chance to interact with platform users. To increase the popularity of a product or service or brand awareness, companies offer collaboration to influencers who publish on Instagram. The creators are happy to use Instagram as a way to reach viewers, also with advertising posts, but the platform limits their offer to the previously mentioned forms. So how do you extend the offer for the brand in order to collaborate outside of Instagram? How may you use your own blog or website?

Expanding the Cooperation with the Brand to Another Medium

The offer of cooperation with the brand does not have to end at Instagram. If you’re a creator or an influencer, as an extension you may propose posting content on your own blog or website. It depends on the type of your blog or website, but two types of posts are the most common – those are sponsored articles and banner advertising. You may use this benefits package – an addition to Instagram activities – in your basic offer, or consider it an extension of your cooperation with the brand, or offer it as an additional service after the period of Instagram cooperation expires.

Expanding the Cooperation with the Brand – Sponsored Articles

One of the forms of cooperation between the brand and an influencer, which can be used on a blog or website, is a sponsored article. Among its advantages, you’ll have the option to dedicate more space on your blog or website, to your customer.

Utilizing a sponsored article as a form of promotion is called content marketing – it means creating valuable content. This article may be delivered by the brand itself, by the agency that cooperates with it or it may be created by the influencer. If the content is provided by the brand or the agency, you should remember that their style may differ from what you have previously published on your blog. After all, we all have our own language, ways of expression, and choice of words. The brand or the agency may not completely be able to reflect this style.

A sponsored article can take various forms. Usually, it’s either an advertisement, a themed article, or an expert article. What matters is that it has to contain an unobtrusive, yet deliberate reference to the brand, its product, or the service it offers. This way, the promotion happens in a soft, unassuming way that increases the user’s trust toward the brand.

Another advantage of the sponsored article is ‘link building’, as in obtaining quality links to the brand’s website, product, or service. Due to that action not only helps to reach the advertiser’s target group, it also improves the position of the brand in Google search engine. Often, sponsored articles are used as a part of the brand’s SEO strategy.

If you post sponsored articles on your blog or website, no matter the actual form of the article, you should expressly mark it as such, so the users know they are dealing with this type of material. As stated in

In the case of a sponsored article, no matter what form it takes, it is worth pointing out that the recipient is dealing with this type of material. In many countries, it is required by law. 

Expanding the Cooperation with the Brand – Banner Advertising

In addition to sponsored articles, as an influencer, you can expand your offer of cooperation with the brand by banner advertising. AdFoxly gives a lot of possibilities in this respect, as a plugin that helps in creating and managing ads in WordPress. You can offer various types of ads that will appear on your influencer blog or website.

You may expand your cooperation with advertisers, by promoting them via graphic content in all the text posts on your blog or website, not only within sponsored articles. An influencer may place ads before the content of the entry, in the middle of it, or after a specified paragraph, as well as at its end.

There’s plenty of space to use on a blog or a website. An advertisement of a brand cooperating with an influencer may also appear in the form of a pop-up or graphics attached to the top or bottom edge of the screen. With AdFoxly you have the option to use ads placed as a shortcode, or in the side panel, as widgets.

You may then manage your ads with the use of advertising campaigns, that allows you to fully control the beginning date of the broadcast, the end date, as well as the number of times the ad is displayed on your blog or website. What is important to the advertiser, the influencer using AdFoxly on their blog may provide their customer with all statistics on their ad impressions and clicks.


If you’re an influencer publishing on Instagram, your cooperation with the brand doesn’t have to pertain solely to this social medium. You may expand it to your blog or website as well, and, as a creator, you may offer additional forms of brand promotion, or promotion of the product or service, such as sponsored articles or banner advertising. The benefits package offered by an influencer, covering activities on Instagram and blog or website, allow the advertiser to reach a broader target group, and the owner of the blog or website to monetize their online creativity to a greater extent.

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