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Brave Browser

Brave Browser – the Browser that Protects Your Privacy and Blocks Advertisement

The internet browser market has a lot of offers for various users. The W3Schools ranking for February 2020 states that among the most popular are: Chrome, Firefox, Edge/IE, Safari, and Opera. However, this ranking does not include a browser, that is rapidly gaining new users. It is called Brave Browser. According to the official statement of Brave creators, the end of November 2019 saw 10 mln of active users. Why do internet users value this browser? How is it different from other browsers?

Brave Browser main screen

What Is Brave Browser?

Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and creator of programming language JavaScript made it his goal to create an internet browser that would first and foremost protect the safety and privacy of the user. While creating this browser, Eich couldn’t ignore all the rankings, in which Chrome wins unequivocally. Therefore the new browser he created, is built on Chromium engine and based on blockchain technology. Among its strongest advantages, you’ll find many tools protecting the privacy of the user, such as ad-blocks, script-blocks, tracker-blocks, and the availability to browse the internet with the use of the Tor network.

In addition, Brave offers a user reward program, Brave Rewards, linked with Brave Ads, which makes monetization possible.

The cryptocurrency BAT is associated with Brave Browser and users can receive its tokens while participating in the Brave Rewards program.

In What Way Does Brave Protect Your Privacy?

Brave Browser focuses on protecting user privacy when browsing the web. The browser has a built-in “shield” that blocks scripts (including those based on JavaScript, also created by Brendan Eich) and trackers, protects against phishing, and blocks ads. All elements included in this “shield” are available right away, without the need to install add-ons, the way it is necessary in case of competing browsers.

Brave also has a built-in “fingerprint” block. The name does not refer to the physical fingerprint, but to the information, collected during web browsing, that allows browsers to build an individual profile of the user. Among data used in “fingerprinting” you may find:

  • the language of the user,
  • the type and version of the browser,
  • the type and version of an operating system,
  • screen resolution,
  • processor type,
  • internet connection type.

In addition, Brave Browser enforces an encrypted connection (HTTPS) on all websites by default. It allows it to maintain user privacy, during all activities on the website.

Brave Browser blocked scripts

What Kind of Ads Does Brave Browser Block?

Brave Browser “shield” blocks advertisement. What is important, it blocks the Third Party type advertisements. It is the most invasive form of advertisement because it isn’t controlled by the owner of the site and the ads themselves may be used to gather information on the users or to spread malware.

It’s worth mentioning that Brave doesn’t block First Party type advertisement, as in those for which website owners are fully responsible. The publishers may create individual advertisement networks and release contracted customer ads. AdFoxly is a plugin that supports this type of action. The website owner may add advertisements for companies, products or services, and create advertisement campaigns, without fear that those ads may be blocked by Brave Browser.

What Are Brave Ads and Brave Rewards?

Brave may also display advertisements released under Brave Ads. However, it only happens if the user declares the willingness to participate in the Brave Rewards program, meaning they actively agree to view them and then receive BAT tokens in return. The advertisement in Brave Browser doesn’t violate the user’s privacy.

The Brave Rewards program is fully voluntary, there’s no pressure on the user to consent to view the ads. Refusal to join the program does not bear any adverse consequences to the browser’s basic function. The only consequence is the inability to earn BAT tokens.

Brave Ads have been divided into two types:

  1. System notifications – that are available on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems, as well as on desktop computers with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.
  2. Sponsored images – full-screen images that are displayed in every fourth newly opened browser tab.

In exchange for watching them, the user receives a 70% share in the revenue from the given advertisement in the form of BAT tokens. You can modify the number of displayed ads in the range of 1-5 per hour.

What is BAT?

BAT – Basic Attention Token – is a token found in Brave Browser. The user is rewarded with it for watching advertisements distributed as Brave Ads. The collected tokens may be transferred from the virtual wallet to the Uphold financial services platform.

How Does Brave Support Creators and Publishers?

Web users may also utilize BAT tokens to reward creators verified by Brave. This support may take place in two ways – automatically or manually. In the automatic system of rewards, the publisher or creator receives a donation based on the user’s attention. This attention is measured and paid for by Brave if the appropriate option is enabled in the Brave Rewards settings. If you want to award a creator or published by your initiative, you do it manually, in the form of tips. Thanks to this option you are able to support creators of good quality content. What’s important, both forms of support are anonymous.

Brave Rewards Become a Creator

If you want to diversify current online trends, you should register as a verified publisher at Brave Rewards. You may do this via This process takes several steps. First, you need to provide your e-mail address. A message will be sent to it with a link verifying the provided address. Then you enter your name and surname and select the verification process for logging in – whether it’s supposed to be one-step or two-step verification. After you enter all the required data, you’ll see the creator’s panel.

Brave Rewards Creator's settings

This panel makes it possible for you to create a command link and add our site to verified creators. It’s worth it to create a referral link first. In order to do this, you need to select ‘Get Started’ in the ‘Referral Promo’ tab. Then click ‘Activate Promo’. Once you’ve created the link, you may add the site.

Brave Rewards Add Channel

Select ‘Add Channel’ from the top menu. Brave Rewards allows you to add any website, YouTube channel, Twitch channel, Twitter profile, Vimeo channel, Reddit profile, GitHub account, among others. You choose the channel you want to add.

If it’s a website, you have to provide its address and verify it by creating a file or a DNS record containing the code.

Brave Rewards Verification Method

Once the process is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming it, as well as informing you that within 24-48 hours, the page verification status will be displayed in the browser’s Brave Rewards tab.

The BAT tokens you receive from this may be exchanged for money via Uphold service, after prior registration and verification.


Brave Browser is an interesting option to use as an internet browser. Built-in tools that protect the user’s safety and privacy on the web, ad blockers, as well as Brave Rewards program that allows you to earn BAT cryptocurrency, are strong advantages that may encourage you to try it out.The Brave Browser is available for desktop operating systems such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, as well as for mobile – Android, iOS. You can download it from here (this is a verified Brave publisher link that will let us earn 2$ in the form of BAT tokens if you use the browser for at least 30 days).

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